Welcome To RIFAT


To develop an equitable, self-reliant society based on justice, fraternity and entrepreneurship.


Promote self-governance through- Empowerment of weakest sections of the society and gender equality Conservation of natural heritages and establishing community rights over them.


RIFAT was established as an informal group of young social activists, working at the grass-root level in different capacities in different areas, in the Year 1995 for serving in different parts of the state for a concerted effort to improve the life of rural marginalized communities. The initial key areas of intervention of RIFAT were mass mobilization and eradication of illiteracy, social evils & alcoholism in different villages of Patna, Delhi district. Later on the organization included women empowerment and capacity building of rural folk especially the rural youth groups as its key activities. The youth groups has been proved to be the most effective tool of social mobilization. RIFAT was formally registered in the year 1997 and subsequently the coordination office was established in the district head quarter to concentrate its efforts in Patna, Delhi


•To eliminate socio-economic, political and educational inequalities by mobilizing mass opinion against illiteracy, social evils and gender discriminatory practices.
• To aware and motivate adolescents, youth and women towards self-dependent life and develop leadership among them.
• To aware, motivate and educate children and their parents to ensure protection of child rights.
• To promote rural livelihood and discourage migration through sustainable development through right mix of local available resources, indigenous technology and traditional practices.
• To aware the community towards their rights, responsibilities and accessibility in the field of health and education.
• To aware general mass towards legal rights and also help them to resolve disputes at their own.
• To promote people towards environment protection and natural resource conservation.